Tuesday, 23 March 2010

The makeover has begun! And it has begun with a bed...

I had a brainwave and thought I'd make a sofa bed for the van. Comfy sleeping at night, comfy sitting by rainy day. A quick search on the interweb reveled enough foam would cost about £50. Eek. I thought about getting an old foam sofa bed off ebay and mangling it, but in stepped Pappa Jones with these babies:

Do you remember these things? Teen sleepovers wouldn't have been the same. They were languishing in my parents summerhouse so I "Rescued" them. Ahem.

They weren't a bad fit, but not quite exact enough for my liking, so half an hour, a bread knife and emergency duct tape got me this:

Every stage needed Maya approval of course.

Folded up:

Not bad eh? Covers next!

Sunday, 28 February 2010


On Friday I ventured to the Caravan and boat show hoping for some inspiration for dolling up Lola for the coming camping season. (I washed her current curtains and shrank them. Oops). We had lots of fun looking at the obscenely priced caravans and campers, but it was pretty much a sea of beige and laminate. I was starting to give up hope until I came to the stand of My Cool Caravan. Holy Moly. They were launching their new book, and it is fabulous and exactly what I'm looking for! Now I'm inspired...

Lola 2009, before shrinkage...

So my mission is to get Miss Lola all spick and span and storaged to the max by the 16Th April, which will be our first camping trip of the year. I think I'm going to go with an red, white an green theme, plenty of clever storage and a floral or two. The colour scheme wont really go with the stickers on the outside, but I figure I'll never be looking at both at the same time...

I'm going to be doing it all on a super tight budget, so will be looking around a lot of charity shops and eagerly awaiting the carboot season.

Let the makeover begin!